Sunday, 19 February 2012

Baby at 1 Mounth

Your body starts recovering
During the first month after childbirth, with sufficient rest and proper nutrition, the uterus should have recovered, with smooth lochia (postpartum vaginal discharge), and all organ functions should gradually return to normal.

Breast engorgement and pain

Breast engorgement (swelling) may cause difficulties in nursing your baby. You may want to express a little breast milk by hand to reduce the swelling, or apply a warm towel to your breasts to stimulate the milk ducts. A warm compress also softens the breasts, which helps your baby to nurse.

Sex after pregnancy
This depends on the recovery of your uterus and vagina. A premature start of sexual life after childbirth might worsen laceration (tears) to the vagina. As a rule of thumb: wait six weeks before indulging in sexual intercourse, as the uterus take roughly that amount of time or more to return to its original state.

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