Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Toddler at 1 year

Cognitive development
Your child begins to understand opposites and instructions involving two separate actions, such as “Drink your milk and give the bottle to mummy”. He can now describe his needs more clearly.

Speech development
He can now hum his favourite melody, tell you what he is doing, and express his likes and dislikes. “No” may be his favourite word at this point.

Motor development
He can hold a crayon to draw simple lines, play with a ball, eat with his fingers and walk with then without support. Soon, he will be able to carry his toy while walking, and also discover that he can run.

Social development
He may demand for your attention and ask you to play with him. When he is gains more self-assurance, he will start looking up to older children, play with them and mimic their actions. He may also establish relationships with other children his age and play with them.


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