Sunday, 19 February 2012

Baby at 9 Month - Tips for mom"s

Beware of choking
Keep small objects like buttons, jewellery and small toys like Lego out of reach as they pose choking hazards. Be careful of certain toys that contain detachable parts, like doll parts and accessories. Make sure your baby doesn’t pick up them and place them in his mouth out of curiosity.

Encourage your child to vocalise
Encourage him to talk by engaging in little conversations with him, such as telling him how much you love him, praising him, or pointing out objects and explaining them to him.

Teething discomfort and irritability
When teething, drooling will be frequent and your baby will experience itchy and swollen gums on top of feeling irritable. To sooth teething pains, you can give him a teething ring to bite on, rub his gum with teething gel, or offer him sugar-free teething biscuit

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