Sunday, 19 February 2012

Health and Nutrition

Attention to Health and Nutrition:

At least eight hours sleep a day, giving up smoking, changing eating habits, and must be laid out to eat and not eat the menu. Multiple pregnancy early pregnancy reaction occurs in five to seven weekdays, loss of appetite, then you can Eat small meals often. Adhere to wash their hands before meals, to avoid gastrointestinal problems and reduce drug opportunities.

Check the Environmental Security:

Pay attention to the work environment or in the home has potential hazards, such as whether there is excessive goods easy to trip over, or the family bathtub, smooth flooring, carpets are easily slipped, to ensure safety.

  focus of pregnancy weight gain and changes in the exercises can reduce or relieve leg fatigue, and may reduce the heavy sense of the waist. The most important thing is to exercise joints and muscles, so the lower back and pelvic muscle relaxation, to prepare for a smooth delivery.


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