Sunday, 19 February 2012

Baby at 6 Month - Nutrition

Complementary feeding
You can begin complementary feeding you
r baby. Complementary feeding is when you start introducing solid foods to your baby, from liquids to purees to bite-sized portions.

You can start off with fortified rice cereal, mixed with breast milk once a day. Besides rice cereals, you can also add mashed potato, porridge, strained or mashed fruits and vegetables like bananas, carrots, tomatoes and pumpkin; and finely chopped fish and meat like anchovies, dried scallops and oysters.

Avoid peanut butter as its sticky consistency makes it hard for children to swallow, and don’t feed honey and corn syrup as they may cause botulism. Stay away from hard foods such as nuts, dried fruits and candies as they may pose choking hazards.

Introduce each solid gradually so that your child can get used to its taste and texture. You will also be able to spot if your child is allergic to any foods in particular.

You should continue to breastfeed your child until he is a year old, as breast milk contains essential vitamins, iron and protein that cannot be replaced by solid foods yet. Finish up complementary foods with milk feed.

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