Sunday, 19 February 2012

Baby at 12 Month- Tips For Mom's

Mind your language and behaviour
Watch what you say and do. Your baby will mimic adult behaviours, so he may pick up bad habits and language if you’re not careful.

Supervise your baby
Encourage your baby to explore by himself but not wander too far from you. You should be able to supervise him and reach him when you sense something amiss.

Build your baby’s self-assurance
When you leave for work, try not to show that you’re reluctant to leave your baby because he can interpret your body language and start crying. Just smile, kiss him goodbye, and tell him that you will be back for him.

Research preschool options
Find out and list the preschools in your vicinity. Then take your time to visit them to learn which is best for your child, as each preschool may have different teaching curriculum and approac

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